Be Black Baby!

Be Black Baby: a House Party

Edouard Glissant, Inhabit his Name

Curated by Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich & Simone Leigh

Featuring work by: Becca Albee, Vanessa Agard-Jones, Firelei Báez, Kelly Baker Josephs, Jayson Keeling, Kaiama Glover, Hanna Herbertson and Blackgold Dancers, Devin KKenny, Legacy Russell, and Yasmin Spiro.

Friday June 17, 2011
Recess Activities
41 Grand Street, New York, NY
7-9pm performances; 9pm– 12am dance party with DJ Khary Polk

For the fourth installment of Be Black Baby, Leigh is collaborating with artist and scholar Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich to present Edouard Glissant: Inhabit his Name. The evening will track the collapse of contemporary space and follow the individual through the entanglements of language and locale. Taking Glissant’s seminal text The Poetics of Relation as a point of departure, artists and thinkers will venture into the many mutations of multilingualism that is creolization. Using the Caribbean as a model of hybrid culture, Inhabit His Name will occupy the realm of the metropolis where those involved in the process and critique of creolization “have made a sudden appearance.”

* * *
Recess organizes and produces Be Black Baby, along with Simone Leigh, series founder and curator. For each iteration, Leigh selects a co-curator. From here, conversations problematize conventions of cultural politics including racial and queer identity. Be Black Baby extends from Recess’s mission to highlight the path from idea to fruition. Celebrating the confident individual voice and body, the series takes on a question that may not find an immediate answer. This playful yet rigorous intellectual undertaking evolves into a dance party.

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