Cesaire Centennial at CUNY Graduate Center

On 22 November there will be two events at the CUNY Graduate Center commemorating Aimé Césaire’s Centennial.

1:00pm in Room C203

Heare Now Aimé Césaire!
Gary Wilder

Join Gary Wilder as he explores Aimé Césaire’s distinctive critical orientation to politics, culture, and knowledge during the period of decolonization as he pursued projects that were at once situated and world-historical, realist and utopian, pragmatic and aesthetic, timely and untimely.

3:00pm in Room 5409

Roundtable talk on Aimé Césaire’s Centennial
Barbara Webb
Christopher Winks

The Postcolonial Studies Group Colloquium Series hosts a roundtable discussion of Césaire’s Centennial, led by remarks from Christopher Winks (Queens College) and Barbara Webb (The Graduate Center and Hunter College).