Legacies of Aimé Césaire

“The Work of Man Has Only Just Begun”
A two-day event and online resource to explore the “Legacies of Aimé Césaire”


The Researchathon – Thursday, 5 December 10AM-5PM (detailed explanation available here)
Butler Library 208
Columbia University
New York, NY

The Forum – Friday, 6 December 10AM-5PM (full schedule below)
Maison Française
Buell Hall
Columbia University
New York, NY

From the event organizers:

Poet, statesman, and singular voice of the anti-colonial movements of the 20th century, Aimé Césaire continues to influence contemporary discussions of ethics and aesthetics, politics and history in this precariously postcolonial world. In an effort to contribute to Césaire’s living legacy, we have organized an online forum http://cesairelegacies.cdrs.columbia.edu in which four pairs of scholars, from a variety of disciplines, offer reflections along four different critical paths. Our aim is to think Césaire outside and beyond the usual frames, to generate provocative new ways of imagining possible Césairean futures at the close of his centenary year. We hope that you will not only join in our discussion, but also participate in our two-day event—a researchathon followed by a public forum—to be held in NYC on December 5 and 6. We hope, above all, that you will agree with Césaire that the work of man has only just begun.

Forum Schedule for Friday, 6 December

10-10:15 coffee

10:15-10:30 Opening Remarks

10:30-11:15 Discussion I — Brent Hayes Edwards and Erica Hunt wax Césairean poetics moderated by Yvette Christiansë

11:15-11:30 coffee break

11:30-12:45 Discussion II — Millery Polyné and Anne Eller discuss Césaire’s revolutionary Nature moderated by Kaiama L. Glover

12:45-2 lunch break

2-3:15 Discussion III — Gary Wilder and Yarimar Bonilla reflect on freedom and (non-)sovereignty moderated by David Scott

3:15-3:30 coffee break

3:30-4:45 Discussion IV — Christopher Winks and Carrie Noland debate Césaire’s perspective on poverty moderated by Alex Gil

4:45-5 Closing Remarks
This event is free and open to the public.

For more information and to read the essays and responses, visit the Legacies of Aimé Césaire site.

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