Caribbean Studies Journals – Summer 2020 Publications

The following Caribbean Studies journals published new issues this summer:

Caribbean Quarterly – Volume 66, Issue 2, June 2020
Small Axe – Volume 24, Number 2, July 2020
PREE Caribbean Writing – Issue 5, June 2020
SX Salon – Issue 34, June 2020

Below you will find details of each new issue:

Caribbean Quarterly – Volume 66, Issue 2, June 2020

“The impact, pervasiveness, and intractability of crime have become urgent everyday concerns for residents and researchers of the Caribbean. This special issue of Caribbean Quarterly (CQ) probes representations of crime in Caribbean fiction, language, history, popular culture and ethics to help us better understand how and why crime functions structurally and as social action across Caribbean worlds today.”

Table of Contents:

“Historical Truths / New Narratives”, Johnson, Leasho. 165-168.

“Introduction: Crime in Selected Caribbean Territories Culture and Representation”, Kerrigan, Dylan; Morgan, Paula. 169-176

“Not Fit to Be Mentioned”, Hannah, Regis. 177-194.
“Bobol as a Transhistorical Cultural Logic”, Kerrigan, Dylan. 195-216.
“Play Gene Miles!: White Collar Crime, Whistleblowing, and Popular Culture in Trinidad”, Cozier, Renée Maria. 217-239.
“Killing Don’t Need No Reason”: Trauma and Criminality in a Brief History of Seven Killings”, Morgan, Paula. 240-257
“Doh Go Dey”: Crime in Conversations with Gang Members in Trinidad

Figuera, Renée. 258-280

“Criminals, Taliban, Terrorists, Murderers”: Community Perceptions of Police in a Crime Hotspot in Trinidad, Watson, Danielle; Morgan, Paula. 281-300
“A Conflict of Values: The Potentialities of Retributive and Restorative Paradigms in Wilson Harris’s The Whole Armour”, Gibson, Darin. 301-316.
“Gangs in the Caribbean: Responses of State and Society”, Eugenia O’Neal.317-319
“Intimate Bonds: Family and Slavery in the French Atlantic”, Myers, James.320-322
“José Martí and the Global Origins of Cuban Independence”, Watts, Karl CK.323-325.
“Almost Home: Maroons between Slavery and Freedom in Jamaica, Nova Scotia, and Sierra Leone”, Moulton, Alex A.326-328.

Table of Contents:

  • Editorial Notes

Leniqueca Welcome
Amanda Choo Quan
Annie Paul

  • Fiction

All That Would Be
Lise Ragbir

Crocodile TearsRoland Watson Grant

When We Die
Sara Bastian

Daylight Come
Diana McCaulay

  • Non-Fiction

Bullshit, Sweet-talk, and Hindu Nationalism
Kris Singh

El Dorado, City of Black Gold
Aliyah Khan

Jewellery for Re-membering in the Afterlife of Slavery: A View From the Disappearing Beach
Maziki Thame

  • Poetry

Teach yi How ta Swim
Tanicia Pratt

Buchibushi and The Whole World is Turning
Adam Patterson

Amanda T. McIntyre

La Tormenta and 20 de Septiembre
Jacqueline Jiang

Reclamation by Water and Resurrection Morning
Ide Amari Thompson

Shinkolobwe, Belgian Congo
Lauren Delapenha

Wild Thing
Elizabeth Jaikaran

Morvant Landing and Swam Beauty
Kwasi Shade

Essah Cozett

  • Art-icles

Beach as Plot?
Annalee Davis

  • Re-visit

On Hidden Scars and the Passive Voice
Nahir I. Otaño Gracia

When the Apocalypse is Now: Climate Crisis, Small Island Disasters and Migration in the Aftermath of Hurricane Dorian
Angelique V. Nixon

  • Brawta

Shells and shores: Wendy Nanan and Andre Bagoo

Circa no future: Nadia Huggins

Bodies of water: recent work by Andrae Green

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