The Postcolonial Contemporary: Political Imaginaries for the Global Present

6:00pm – 7:30pm
30 October 2018
NYU Center for the Humanities, Fifth Floor
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In twelve essays that draw from a number of disciplines—history, anthropology, literature, geography, indigenous studies— and regional locations (the Black Atlantic, South Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Australia, Argentina) The Postcolonial Contemporary (Fordham UP, 2018) seeks to move beyond the habitual oppositions that have often characterized the field: universal vs. particular; Marxism vs. postcolonialism; politics vs. culture. The essays reckon with new and persisting postcolonial predicaments, doing so under four interrelated analytics: postcolonial temporality; deprovincializing the global south; beyond Marxism versus postcolonial studies; and postcolonial spatiality and new political imaginaries.

Join us to celebrate this new volume and to reflect on the project with the book’s editors, Jini Kim Watson and Gary Wilder, and several contributors.


Jini Kim Watson
Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, NYU

Gary Wilder
Professor of Anthropology and History, CUNY Graduate Center

Anthony Alessandrini
Professor of English and Middle Eastern Studies, Kingsborough Community College & CUNY Graduate Center

Laurie Lambert
Assistant Professor of African and African American Studies, Fordham University

Sadia Abbas
Associate Professor of English, Rutgers Newark

Moderated by Crystal Parikh, Professor of English and Social & Cultural Analysis, NYU.

Co-sponsored by The NYU Postcolonial, Race and Diaspora Studies Colloquium.

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