Welcome to The Caribbean Commons. Begun in 2010 as part of the Caribbean Epistemologies Seminar at the CUNY Graduate Center, this site publishes announcements of Caribbean Studies CFPs, and publications, as well as Caribbean-related events in the Northeast US. It also archives information from the CE Seminar, 2010-12. Site founded and managed by Kelly Baker Josephs.

Site Assistants:

  • Chris Buonanno, Fall 2021 – present
  • Vallerie Matos, Fall 2020 – Spring 2021
  • Nicole Cote, Fall 2019 – Spring 2020
  • Teanu Reid, Fall 2017 – Spring 2019
  • Merudjina Normil, Fall 2016 – Spring 2016
  • Jonelle Isaac, 2013-14

Past Header Images

Spring 2020 to present – Redesigned with no header

Fall 2018 – Antonio Butts, “Pan in Motion” (acrylic on canvas)
Artist website: Facebook page

Fall 2017 – Kevin Browne, “Palms Amputated and Whole (2017)”
Artist website: https://drbrowne.me/

Summer 2016 – Marlon James, “Gate Keeper, 2016”
Artist website: marlonjamesphotography.com

Fall 2015 – Nadia Huggins, “untitled”
Artist website: nadiahuggins.com

nadia huggins untitled

Fall 2013 – Madeleine Hunt-Erlich, “Dominoes”
Artist website:  madeleinehuntehrlich.com

Dominoes by Madeleine Hunt-Erlich

Fall 2012 – Varun Baker, “Lychee”
Artist website:  varunbaker.com


Fall 2011 – Holly Bynoe, ‘The Burial”
Artist website:  hollybynoe.com

Bynoe_Holly_The Burial 2

Spring 2011 – Simone Leigh, “Head on a Platter”
Artist website:  simoneleigh.com

Fall 2010 – Christopher Cozier
Artist website:  christophercozier.blogspot.com

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