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Spring 2020 to present – Redesigned with no header

Fall 2018 – Antonio Butts, “Pan in Motion” (acrylic on canvas)
Artist website: Facebook page

Fall 2017 – Kevin Browne, “Palms Amputated and Whole (2017)”
Artist website: https://drbrowne.me/


Summer 2016 – Marlon James, “Gate Keeper, 2016”
Artist website: marlonjamesphotography.com


Fall 2015 – Nadia Huggins, “untitled”
Artist website: nadiahuggins.com

nadia huggins untitled


Fall 2013 – Madeleine Hunt-Erlich, “Dominoes”
Artist website:  madeleinehuntehrlich.com

Dominoes by Madeleine Hunt-Erlich


Fall 2012 – Varun Baker, “Lychee”
Artist website:  varunbaker.com



Fall 2011 – Holly Bynoe, ‘The Burial”
Artist website:  hollybynoe.com

Bynoe_Holly_The Burial 2


Spring 2011 – Simone Leigh, “Head on a Platter”
Artist website:  simoneleigh.com


Fall 2010 – Christopher Cozier
Artist website:  christophercozier.blogspot.com

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