Documentary Film Series – Jamaican Narratives

The Caribbean Cultural Theatre of New York City will present a series of films for Jamaica National Heritage Week on October 25 and 26.

This Documentary Film Series will bring together four narratives, their creators, and commentators in an exploration of the journey of the Jamaican nation from the military exploits of the Maroons, through Marcus Garvey’s international struggle for social justice, to the emergence of the contemporary spiritual and cultural phenomena of Rastafari.

All films will be shown at Medgar Evers College
1650 Bedford Avenue (corner Crown Street), Brooklyn, NY 11225

Bob Marley – The Making of a Legend
Fri, Oct 25 @ 7PM
Directed by Esther Anderson; Gian Godoy
Based on footage shot in the early 1970s that was missing for more than thirty years, Esther Anderson journeys to her youth to see and hear a young Bob Marley before he was famous.
Post screening discussion with jurnalist and Marley biographer, Chistopher John Farley.

Marcus Garvey – A Giant in Black Politics
Sat., Oct. 26 @ 2PM
Directed by Mike Wallington
One of the most controversial figures in the twentieth century, the film traces the complex and multifaceted life that catapulted Garvey from organizing West Indian contract labor to the phenomenal status of the preeminent Black Nationalist pioneer.
Post screening discussion with Marcus Garvey’s son, Dr. Julius Garvey.

Akwantu: The Journey
Sat., Oct. 26 @ 4:30PM
Directed by Roy T. Anderson
The struggle for freedom of the Maroons inspires both immense admiration and derision. This personal investigation into heritage and military exploits against the most powerful army in the world in the 18th century to flee plantations and slave ships to gain political auto

Bad Friday: Rastafari After Coral Gardens
Sat., Oct. 26 @ 7PM
Directed by John L. Jackson, Deborah A. Thomas; Junior “Gabu” Wedderburn
As a successor to the history of violence, within a year after gaining independence from Britain, the Jamaican government launched a military-style incursion on the Rasta community of western Jamaica.

Above adapted from email announcement from the Caribbean Cultural Center. Contact for more details.