sx salon 15 and Small Axe 43


The February issue of sx salon and the March issue of Small Axe are now available.

In issue 15 (February 2014) sx salon: a small axe literary platform presents a discussion of Chinese Caribbean Literature alongside five new book reviews as well as creative work from Cyril Dabydeen, Colin Robinson, Reuel Ben Lewi, and Rajiv Mohabir. The table of contents, with links to articles, is included below.

In issue 43, the print journal Small Axe: A Caribbean Journal of Criticism presents special sections on Caribbean Historiography and Caribbean Epistemologies as well as a discussion of Deborah A. Thomas’s book, Exceptional Violence: Embodied Citizenship in Transnational Jamaica. The table of contents is included below. Subscriptions or individual articles are available via Duke University Press.

sx salon 15 (February 2014)

Introduction and Table of Contents—Kelly Baker Josephs


The Festival of the Wild Orchid by Ann-Margaret Lim—Leonora Simonovis-Brown
Light Falling on Bamboo by Lawrence Scott—Kaneesha Cherelle Parsard
Fault Lines by Kendel Hippolyte—Leanne Haynes
Archipelago: A Novel by Monique Roffey—Michael Sawyer
Postcolonial Odysseys: Derek Walcott’s Voyages of Homecoming by Maeve Tynan—Gyasi Byng

Discussion—Chinese Caribbean Literature

Identifying a Chinese Caribbean Literature: Pitfalls and Possibilities—Anne-Marie Lee-Loy
“Let Me Tell You How I Began”: A Conversation with Easton Lee—Tzarina T. Prater
Letter to My Father—Staceyann Chin
Mr. Chin’s Property—Victor Chang
(Re-)Constructing the Pagoda: A Conversation with Patricia Powell—Stephen Narain
Thrice Diasporized: The Emergence of Caribbean Chinese Diasporic Anglophone Literature—Tao Leigh Goffe


Cyril Dabydeen


Colin Robinson
Reuel Ben Lewi
Rajiv Mohabir



Small Axe 43 (March 2014)

David Scott
Preface: Debt, Redress

Caribbean Historiography

Melanie J. Newton
Introduction: On History and Justice

Lara Putnam
Borderlands and Border Crossers: Migrants and Boundaries in the Greater Caribbean, 1840–1940

Peter James Hudson
On the History and Historiography of Banking in the Caribbean

Madhavi Kale
Queering the Pitch from Beyond a Boundary

Matthew J. Smith
Footprints on the Sea: Finding Haiti in Caribbean Historiography

Anne S. Macpherson
Doing Comparative Caribbean (Gender) History: Puerto Rican and Belizean Working-Class Women, 1830s–1930s

Visual Encounters

Sheena Rose
Just Blue

Caribbean Epistemologies

Kelly Baker Josephs
Articulating Caribbean Epistemologies

Rose Réjouis
Dark Horse Poetics: Lévi-Strauss, Benítez-Rojo, and Caribbean Epistemology

Christopher Ian Foster
The Queer Politics of Crossing in Maryse Condé’s Crossing the Mangrove

Edward Sammons
Much Too Much Selfishness: Holding Neoliberalism at a Distance in Rural Jamaica

Christopher Winks
“Measured by the Compass of Suffering”: Reclaiming Negritude’s Insurgent Dimension

Tzarina T. Prater
Labrish and Mooncakes: The Meeting of Vernaculars in the Work of Easton Lee

Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich
Things and Time

Book Discussion: Deborah A. Thomas, Exceptional Violence: Embodied Citizenship in Transnational Jamaica
Nadia Ellis
Elegies of Diaspora

Rivke Jaffe
Toward an Anthropology of the Caribbean State

Neil Roberts
Violence, Livity, Freedom

Deborah A. Thomas
Violence, Mourning, and Political Alternatives