The International Public Health Journal CFP

CFP deadline: Full papers due electronically by 1 May 2014

The International Public Health Journal
(IPHJ) invites original contributions to a special issue on the risk of HIV/AIDS transmission among adolescents in the English speaking Caribbean. The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the region is second to sub-Saharan African and the risk of HIV/AIDS has not yet peaked. Although there is an increasing trend in HIV/AIDS within the region, barriers such as lack of sexual and reproductive health information, stigma and discrimination towards gender and sexual minorities, family violence, child abuse, and small-scale economies are factors known and unknown to contribute to HIV/AIDS transmission in the Caribbean. Such factors present special complexities in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS on small island management from a multi-system perspective. The purpose of this special issue is to open a discussion on issues and threats of HIV/AIDS transmission in the English speaking Caribbean. The results from this issue will facilitate stakeholder discussion and decision-making enabling them to concentrate on sustainability, continuity and economies of scale of the programs aimed at mitigating the HIV/AIDS risk.

The International Public Health Journal
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The International Public Health Journal covers all aspects of public health and human development in the form of review articles, original articles, case reports, short communications, letters to the editor, and book reviews. Manuscripts will be reviewed from disciplines all over the world. The International Editorial Board is dedicated to producing a high quality scientific Journal of interest to researchers and practitioners from many disciplines.

Manuscripts should be in the Vancouver style, and are due no later than 1 May 2014.
They should be electronically sent to the attention of Dr. Cecilia Hegamin-Younger, Professor, St. George’s University Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Grenada, West Indies, who is the guest editor for this special issue.