Afro-Latinx and the Media
Edited by Dr. Lisa J. Scott and Karen Juanita Carrillo

CFP Deadline: 9 January 2017

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We are soliciting essay contributions for the new book, Afro-Latinx and the Media: What the media teaches our kids about race, class and gender identity. The book will be published by PETER LANG PUBLISHING (

Afro-Latinx and the Media is a book edited by Dr. Lisa J. Scott and Karen Juanita Carrillo, co-founders of the non-profit group, Our book looks at one of the most underrepresented ethnic groups in print, film and digital media. According to the Latino Media Gap (2009–2014) there is a clear deficiency of Afro-Latino representation in film and print media. According to their data, Afro-Latinos represent 0.5% of film representation compared to 16.7% of all Latino representation. Essays in this book critically examine how print, film, and digital media positively and negatively represent Afro-Latino groups and their race, culture, and gender identities. The major premise of the text is that media shapes our understanding of the world and how it functions; the minor premise is that the imagery, conversations, and reactions to what is presented in the media influence the minds of youth and their understanding.

This peer reviewed edited book will include the voices of academics, writers, and videographers throughout the Americas, and will discuss how they view the way Afro- Latino identities are constructed, examined and critiqued in the media. Each of the contributors included in this text are Afro-Latino writers, artists, or academics who have written previously on the topic, or individuals who wish to share their lived experiences.

The text will be divided into five major sections:

  1. History of Afro-Latinos in the film, print and digital media (the 1950s and beyond);
  2. Afro-Latinos and race identity;
  3. Afro-Latinos and class;
  4. Afro-Latinos and gender identity and sexuality; and
  5. Afro-Latinos and its changing demography throughout the Americas.

One of our main goals as editors is to have articles written by Afro Latinos who can identify and help crystallize specific moments that have helped them to understand themselves and their culture. These articles will emphasize the broadcasting of Black voices whose roots are from the Americas.

How to submit:

If you have a relevant document for inclusion in Afro-Latinx and the Media: What the media teaches our kids about race, class and gender identity, we invite you to submit a 1-page prospectus (as a Microsoft word document) including your name, title, institutional affiliation, mailing address and email address, accompanied by the following information:

  1. The rationale and significance of the essay
  2. Projected word count of the essay
  3. A timeline for completion of the essay
  4. 2 sample paragraphs from your essay
  5. A current curriculum vita

Please email the above materials to:, or

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