Critical Caribbean Studies Book Series

The Critical Caribbean Studies book series aims to contribute to the contemporary debates in the field of Caribbean studies across the arts and sciences and beyond.

This series pays particular attention to the four main research clusters of Critical Caribbean Studies at Rutgers University, where the co-editors serve as members of the executive board.

  1. Caribbean Critical Studies, Theory, and the Disciplines
  2. Archipelagic Studies and Creolization
  3. Caribbean Aesthetics, Poetics, and Politics
  4. Caribbean Colonialities

Focused particularly in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, although attentive to the context of earlier eras, this series encourages interdisciplinary approaches and methods and is open to scholarship in a variety of areas, including diaspora and transnational studies, critical theory and race studies, gender and sexuality studies, sociology, environmental studies, anthropology, history, geography, literary and cultural studies, and popular culture.

Proposals for consideration should be sent either through regular mail or emailed to:

Kimberly Guinta
Executive Editor
106 Somerset St., 3rd Floor
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Tel:  848-445-7786

Above adapted from Rutgers.

Image from Critical Caribbean Studies webpage.