Fourth Session: J. Michael Dash

The fourth session of the Caribbean Epistemologies seminar will be:

Friday, December 10, 4-6pm, Room 5111

 Our guest will be: J. Michael Dash, Professor of French at New York University. He is the author of Literature and Ideology in Haiti, Haiti and the United States, The Other America, and Culture and Customs of Haiti, and has translated a number of Edouard Glissant’s works, including The Ripening, Caribbean Discourse, and Monsieur Toussaint.

 We will be discussing Professor Dash’s paper:

“Hemispheric Horizons: Confinement, Mobility and the “bateaux-prisons” of the French Caribbean Imaginary”

Our discussants for the paper will be Professor Alessandra Benedicty, City College, and Professor Kaiama Glover, Barnard College. 

Note: This paper will be available via the link above through the end of December, but it will remain on the Center For Humanities’ website for the duration of the seminar.