Metanoia: Practices of Exhaustion- Two Day Event


On 7 March, from 6p-8p, ARC Magazine will present an artist talk at 82 Mercer Street, in the Talks Lounge at VOLTA NY‘s location.

The artists include:

  • Olivia McGilchrist, feature prize winner of the Trinidad & Tobago film festival and ARC Magazine New Media Prize (Jamaica)
  •  John Cox, fine artist represented by Popop Studios, and artistic director of Baha Mar, Nassau (The Bahamas)
  • Ian Deleon, social activist, educator and artist (Cuba/Brazil/Boston)
  • Jayson Keeling, artist (Jamaica/USA)
  • Joiri Minaya, artist (Dominican Republic/USA).

The dialogue generated will explore the ideas of intimacy, collaboration, process, and social accountability.


8 March, 2014

Grace Exhibition Space and Gallery

840 Broadway 2nd Floor

Brooklyn, NY

Beginning at 8pm on 8 March, ARC Magazine will present a one-night exhibition at Grace Exhibition Space under the same title.

The exhibition will support a selection of works by:

  • Kwesi Abbensetts (Guyana/USA)
  • Steeve Bauras (Martinique/France)
  • Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow (Jamaica/USA)
  • Allana Clarke (Trinidad & Tobago/USA)
  • Gilles Elie Dit Cosaque (Martinique / France)
  • Ian Deleón (Cuba / USA)
  • Jeannette Ehlers (Denmark)
  • Antoine Hunt (Bermuda)
  • Jayson Keeling (Jamaica/USA)
  • Davina Lee (St. Lucia)
  • Carolyn Lazard (USA/Haiti)
  • Manuel Mathieu (Haiti)
  • Olivia McGilchrist (Jamaica)
  • Michael McIntosh (USA/Jamaica)
  • Joiri Minaya (Dominican Republic/USA)
  • Nile Saulter (Jamaica)
  • Nyugen Smith (Trinidad/Haiti/USA)
  • Rodell Warner (Trinidad & Tobago)
  • Antonia Wright (Cuba/USA).

Broadly, the works selected will engage issues of labour, traumatic histories and their revisions, as well as the holistic development of an experiential moment or group of moments that create new narratives, linear and otherwise, through poetics, agency and play.

This exhibition is co-curated by Holly Bynoe and Yasmine Espert with production assistance from Laura Blüer. For more information about ARC Magazine collaborators, please visit the Facebook event pages for the artist talk and the exhibition.

This announcement adapted from email.