CaFa Film Nights


CaFa Film Nights

Womens History Month Edition

28 March, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.

Nicolas Brooklyn

570 Fulton Street

This month, in honor of Women’s History Month, CaFa is showcasing the work of 6 very talented, emerging filmmakers who are women and just so happen to be Caribbean women.  While women are still in the minority when it comes to making films, there has been a steady growth in the number of women choosing film as their storytelling medium.  Come out and join CaFa as they share a sampling of these works.  CaFa’s screening will feature the work of 6 filmmakers, from 6 countries, exploring 6 different themes: love, loneliness, pain, destiny, desire, and separation.  CaFa will follow up each film with a discussion of the theme raised and share more intimate details on the filmmakers and their work.

About the filmmakers:

vashti-headshotJeffrey’s Calypso
Written and Directed by Vashti Anderson
Trinidad & Tobago, 2006

Trapped in a life that has been decided for him by his father, Jeffrey, an accountant at a large oil company, hides his passion for calypso music. His dead grandfather, a calypso icon of the 1950’s, transforms him through a box of old clothes and records. With new-found charisma, Jeffrey breaks free, defying race and class boundaries and winning the heart of an edgy, carefree girl named Kala.  For more information on Vashti, check out her filmmaker page.

strokeeljon-1Docket 32357
Written by Eljon Wardally
Grenada, 2012

In an eerily quiet courtroom hallway, Lois anxiously awaits the announcement of docket number 32357. Valerie, a successful retail buyer, rushes to take a seat along the bench we find Lois sitting on. The ominous voice that bellows from the speaker inspires a conversation between Lois and Valerie.  As the two women grow more comfortable they realize their meeting is anything, but by chance. What the two women discover will change their lives moving forward.  Docket 32357 examines the need to overcome loneliness even from the most unexpected of places and how we feel once that opportunity is squandered. For more information on Eljon and her work, visit her website.

Written and Directed by Aiko Roudette
St. Vincent & the Grenadines, 2013

Hoghole is an award winning film short film made up of composite Super 8 and HD footage shot and based in the island of St. Vincent. The word ‘Hoghole’ refers to the specific patch of land in St. Vincent where my house stands. My family can no longer live there because of unprecedented crime levels in the island. The subtext of this film, therefore, is a reexamination of what Home means, when it, as an ideal and as a physical space, is lost, or, more accurately, forcibly stolen. It attempts to address the furious internal discord that emerged within me when this sanctuary was violated and we were forced to leave. For more information on Aiko and her work, visit her site.

Written and Directed by Michelle Serieux
Jamaica, 2011

A startling reality unfolds for Catherine when she is forced to confront her husband’s Blue Mountain roots. Missed is a story about human folly and the devastation of unmet expectations. For more information on Michelle and her work, visit her site.

Written and Directed by Lisa Harewood
Barbados, 2013

AUNTIE is a middle-aged seamstress and respected caregiver in her rural Barbadian community. Raising children whose parents are unwilling or unable, Auntie instills discipline, traditional values and a strong moral code. Twelve-year-old KERA is her latest ward and a special child to whom she has grown uncharacteristically close. Seven years after Kera’s mother emigrates to England in search of a better life, Auntie is confronted with the day she has long dreaded when the plane ticket arrives that will reunite Kera with her mother. Unable to accept the inevitable, Auntie makes a hasty decision that goes against everything she claims to stand for and risks damaging the special bond between them on the eve of the child’s departure. For more information on Lisa, visit her site.

davina-lee-258x300Crossing the Lines of Desire
Directed by Davina Lee
St. Lucia, 2014

Crossing the Lines of Desire is a film based on the poetry of Sudeep Sen. For more information on Davina and her work, visit her site.

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