Call for Papers: Special Issue of The Black Scholar on Race, Blackness, and the Dominican Republic

UPDATED Call for Papers: Special Issue of The Black Scholar on Race, Blackness, and the Dominican Republic

New deadline: Abstracts by 31 July 2014 and full article by 15 December 2014

Submissions should be sent to special guest editors, Raj Chetty ( and Amaury Rodríguez (

Publication of the special issue is slated for late 2015. When preparing manuscripts, please follow The Black Scholar Submission Guidelines.

The editors of The Black Scholar welcome essays for a special issue examining the complexity of black cultural politics and identity in the Dominican Republic. This special issue seeks to analyze Dominican racial relations against the grain of the cross-disciplinary consensus, primarily U.S.-based, that focuses on Dominicans’ “negrophobia,” “anti-Haitianism,” and “self-hatred.” In this way, the issue inserts itself into a globally comparative Black Studies, including the articulations and disarticulations between blackness in the US, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti.

Aiming to include a cross-disciplinary group of writers, scholars, and activists from the Dominican Republic and Dominicanists from abroad, the issue invites essays on the following topics:

  • Methodologies of studying blackness and Africanness in the Dominican Republic
  • Archives/archaeologies of Dominican blackness
  • Imperialism, blackness, and U.S.-Dominican relations
  • Dominican Black transnationalisms: intra-Caribbean, inter-American, and African-Dominican
  • Critical histories of antihaitianismo, Haitian-Dominican cultural relations, and/or Haitian-Dominican solidarity
  • Race and blackness in Dominican popular cultural production
  • Political economy of blackness vis-à-vis the Dominican Republic
  • Racism, colorism, and white supremacy in Dominican social structures
  • Perceptions of Dominicans by U.S. Blacks, Caribbeans, and/or Africans
  • Dominican conceptualizations of diaspora: la diáspora in Dominican migration, African diaspora in a Dominican sense, diaspora in an Afro-dominican sense

The issue anticipates that the suggested topics in the list above, or relevant topics not listed, will engage scholars in Black/Africana Studies, Caribbean & Latin American Studies, Psychology, Literary Studies, Theater & Performance Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, Political Science, Media Studies, Ethnomusicology, and History.

The issue will also feature poetry, art, and fiction by black- and Afro-affirming Dominican writers and artists, in English translation.

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