A Conversation about Literature and the Arts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

2:50pm – 4:10pm
27 September 2018
Rutgers University
Center for Cultural Analysis, Room 6051
Academic Building, 15 Seminary Place
New Brunswick, NJ, 08901

The Rutgers Advanced Institute for Critical Caribbean Studies (RAICCS) is pleased to announce the visit of renowned Puerto Rican novelist and visual artist Eduardo Lalo (University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras) to Rutgers U., New Brunswick as part of our “What is Decoloniality?” Speaker Series. Lalo will speak about literature and the arts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

The “What is Decoloniality?” speaker series offers a space to reflect on the formation of, and contemporary relevance and multiple modes of opposition to doctrines of discovery, conquest, and modern colonization as well as of their entanglements with indigenous genocide, racialized slavery, and the coloniality of gender, power, knowledge and being. Rather than being strictly an academic disciplinary approach, decolonial thinking emerges at the intersection of various knowledges and practices that give expression to questions about dehumanization, rehumanization, and decolonization, and to perspectives on and projects toward epistemic, material, and symbolic transformation. As such, this speaker series aims to enrich conversations that shed light on the understanding of coloniality and the unfinished project of decolonization that is taking place within academia, but even more so outside of academia, and, across universities and other spheres and communities of knowledge production. At stake is the possibility of redefining excellence and relevance through a serious consideration of decolonial forms of critical theorizing, research, literature, social and world-system analysis, pedagogy, artistic work, and other modalities of engagement with communities in struggle.

For the full speaker series see the flyer below.

The “What is Decoloniality?” speaker series is sponsored by the Center for Cultural Analysis and the Program in Comparative Literature.

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