A new online Caribbean publication, 1804CaribVoices has been recently launched by faculty and graduate students from the University of the West Indies-St Augustine (Trinidad and Tobago).  The editorial team is led by Norman Girvan and Alexander Gittens. From the 1804CaribVoices “About Us” page:

Inspired by the freedom struggles of Caribbean people through the centuries, as exemplified by the Haitian Revolution; 1804CaribVoices gives expression to the myriad voices calling for a united and sovereign Caribbean, social justice, responsible governance and sustainable living in our region.  It is initiated as a web forum with participation  from across the Pan-Caribbean space; and will promote information exchange and collaborative activity among organisations and individuals sharing these objectives. Through this means it aims to fertilise the development of a collective Caribbean consciousness that is rooted in our rich history of resistance and creativity; transcending regional differences of language, ethnicity and political status; and supporting the emergence of a united community of Caribbean nations charting its way in the world.

In the face of these developments, and facilitated by the spread of new communication technologies,  civil society organisations all over  the Caribbean are agitating and organising around a variety of social, economic and governance issues. 1804CaribVoices  will provide a platform by which such organisations can spread their message regionally, find areas of commonality of ideas and action, and work towards our collective  empowerment. We invite submissions of commentaries, events, videos, reviews  etc. that are relevant to our objectives. We are starting off as an English-language facility but aim to publish in all four regional languages.

For more information on submission, click here.