Aimé Césaire/La Négritude

Aimé Césaire/La Négritude: Poetics, Africana History/Identities, and Political Thoughts
October 16-17, 2013
Howard University (Washington, DC)

CFP deadline: Proposals due electronically by 30 September 2013

On 16-17 October 2013, Howard University will host an international and interdisciplinary symposium on the centenary of the birth of Aimé Césaire, one of the founders of the movement of Négritude. The organizers invite individual papers or group proposals from the various disciplines that contribute to Césaire’s paradigm shifts in black poetics, black aesthetics, and political thoughts/theories, as well as from individuals and groups engaged in artistic, political, and intellectual work outside the academy, including writers, artists, and community activists.

Suggested topics for proposals include:

  • Africa in Césaire
  • Césaire and African and African Diaspora Writers
  • Césaire in African and African Diaspora Plays and Films
  • Playing Césaire on Stage
  • Césaire and the Political Heritage in the Caribbean
  • Césaire and the discourse on the colonialism
  • Césaire’s Black Radical Identity and the Idea of France
  • Césaire, Senghor, and Damas: Approaches to Construct the Fundamental Black Identities
  • Political Thoughts, Black Identities, and Freedom in Césaire
  • Césaire, Frantz Fanon, and the Political Revolution
  • (Pan-) Africa in Césaire, Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah and Amilcar Cabral
  • Césaire/La Négritude, Wole Soyinka, and La Tigritude/the Tigertud
  • The Imagen of Black Women in Césaire/La Négritude
  • Haiti in Césaire/La Négritude
  • Césaire and the Haitian Writers
  • Reception of Césaire/La Négritude in Germany
  • Césaire, La Négritude, the Creole, and la Créolité
  • Césaire, La Négritude, and the Negrismo inLatin America
  • The Negritud in Brazil
  • Du Bois, Senghor, Damas, and Césaire
  • Harlem Renaissance and La Négritude
  • Césaire in the Genealogy of the Postcolonial and Africana Theories
  • Postcolonial African Diaspora Movements and their Approaches to the African Identities/Négritude
  • Translating and Reading Césaire and African/Diaspora Works
  • How to Teach Africa and African Diaspora through Césaire
  • The Heritage of Césaire/La Négritude,Today

Please send individual paper, panel, roundtable, and special session proposals according to the guidelines below:

  • Paper, Panel, Roundtable, Special Session’s Title
  • Name, institutional affiliation, discipline, position or title, and contact information of presenter including email address and phone number (for sessions: list organizer first, then each presenter providing requested information for each participant).
  • Abstract of the proposals (100-150 words)
  • Brief scholarly or professional biography of each presenter ((2-3 sentences)

Send proposals to: Dr. Clément Animan Akassi, Host Committee and Program Chair ( and Dr. Derayeh Derakhshesh, Program Co-Chair (

Deadline for proposals: Septembre 30, 2013

Above adapted from full CFP, which can be downloaded here or viewed via the program website.